About Us

Dofreeze LLC is a diversified and trend-setting bakery snacking company established since 1999, with its main manufacturing base in Dubai. The key strengths of Dofreeze are its high level of manufacturing know-how capability combined with a very strong and collaborative network within the global FMCG category. Dofreeze products are sold across 4 continents to over 50 countries including the USA, Canada, China, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and the entire Middle East.

A very high level of innovation has enabled Dofreeze to revolutionize the bakery snacking industry by producing products. These product developments are based on the specific needs of different consumer segments due to an in-depth and thorough understanding of the markets.

Based on Dofreeze’s knowledge and the formidable demand in the UAE market for high-quality, affordable snacks on the go, Snack Time is born. This product range includes excellent-tasting products wrapped in easy to consume and attractive packaging, in addition to long shelf-life items that remain softer for longer – and much more. Products in the Snack Time range include hazelnut chocolate croissants, vanilla cupcakes, chocolate-filled cupcakes, vanilla cake slice, and Danish pastry with cinnamon and so much more.

From a highly-qualified and expertly-trained manufacturing team exuding professionalism in production, quality control, quality assurance, compliance and engineering to production facilities that maintain the highest levels of hygiene, cleanliness, maintaining international compliance and audit certifications – including HACCP, ISO 9001:2015 and HALALDofreeze is all about speed and innovation, adaptability and intuition.

View our Certifications here https://dofreeze.com/certifications/.

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